E-Commerce Shipping: How the Big Three Parcel Carriers Measure Up

Why It’s Good to Measure Cost Vs  Service with the Big Three Small Parcel Carriers and Fine Tune Your E-Commerce Shipping System ~ One consequence of the e-commerce shopping revolution is that many shippers are facing a growing small parcel freight bill for direct-to-consumer shipping. Combine that with consumer demand for fast, inexpensive or free […]


Control Hidden Shipping Costs When Drop Shipping for Retailers

Five Ways to Minimize Hidden Shipping Costs When Drop Shipping for Retailers Drop shipping as a fulfillment practice is not new, but it has certainly become more prevalent as retailers increasingly rely on their suppliers to own the inventory, fill the order and ship it to their customers’ doors. However, as many suppliers have painfully learned, […]


Top 10 Ways to Improve Dim Weight Shipping Processes

Tips to Optimize Dim Weight Shipping Processes and Reduce Unexpected Backcharges from Carriers Many shippers are struggling to eliminate inaccurate package dimensions on small parcel shipments, which can quickly turn into a mountain of unexpected freight charges if the carrier finds a discrepancy in measurements. The best way to prevent this is to add dimensioning technology to […]


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