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100% Order Shipping Accuracy for Brake Parts Inc.

Touchless Shipment Processing and a Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution Keeps Millions of Orders Moving for MBS Textbook Exchange.

Legendary Whitetails Gains 99% Order Accuracy and Reduces Freight Costs with ADSI Solution

Craft Supplies USA Enhances Customer Delivery Service with Ship-IT – and a 2-Month ROI

Other World Computing (OWC) Saves $25K by Adding USPS Shipping

Kuehne and Nagel Leverages ADSI Solutions for Reliable Shipping and $500,000 in System Savings

Ellingson Plumbing Gains Flexible Inventory Control via Mobile Computers

Gyrus Reduces Export Document Preparation Time by 80%

Lawson Adds USPS Shipping to Reduce Costs, Save Time and Enhance Customer Deliveries

Budget Golf Order Fulfillment – Built for Rapid Growth

Card Security Company Automates International Shipping, with 6-Month ROI

Medical Equipment Company Improves Order Throughput by 30% with ADSI Ship-IT and Pack-IT

Home Decor Retailer Increases Order Fulfillment Accuracy to 99.8% with Pack-IT and achieves a 6-month ROI

Online Retailer Chelsea and Scott Enhances Customer Delivery Service with Ship-IT and Pack-IT

Tagg Logistics Combines Cadence WMS and ADSI Ship-IT™ for a Real-Time Supply Chain Execution System

Grove Medical Enhances Customer Experience with Epicor Prophet 21 and Ship-IT


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Ship-IT Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Ship-IT SaaS Shipping Software

Rate-IT Desktop-Based Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Ship-IT International Shipping Software

Submit-IT AESDirect Software

Address-IT Address Verification Software

Stage-IT Consolidation Software

Deliver-IT Shipment Tracking Software

Analyze-IT Shipping Analysis Software

Report-IT Software Solution

Pack-IT Order Pack Verification Software

Product Advisor In-Store Kiosk for Retailers

Six Reasons to Choose ADSI as Your Connectship Partner

ADSI Ship-IT Carrier Library

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ADSI Installation Documentation

ADSI Data Mapping Survey

ADSI Architecture and Foundation

Report-IT Software Solution

Address-IT Address Validation Services Whitepaper

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ADSI Endicia Account Setup

ADSI Rate-IT Users Guide

ADSI Track-IT Users Guide

ADSI Web Services Whitepaper

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ADSI Wins “Top 20 Most Promising Logistics Tech Companies” Award