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A Quick Update on E-Commerce Trends

Is Your Business Aligned With the Latest E-Commerce Trends?

We see it every day – a steady stream of “traditional” retailers and distributors who find themselves entering the e-commerce world due to unstoppable business trends, driven by consumers.

What do online shoppers want? Take a look at this informative infographic, based on data from Mashable, Huffington Post and

e-commerce trends 2017
E-Commerce Trends. Source: PICA.

It offers a good at-a-glance primer to see how your company measures up and what needs to be addressed.

Of course, it takes the right e-commerce fulfillment software and shipping software solution to be able to address these business and shopping expectations while controlling operational costs.

Look for technology providers who have tailored their order fulfillment and shipping software to address e-commerce requirements, and have a ready list of e-commerce companies who currently use their solutions.

An experienced e-commerce logistics technology vendor will not only understand your requirements but also have suggestions that can significantly enhance your business.

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