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Are You Tapping Into the World’s Top E-Commerce Markets?

Are You Ready to Sell and Ship Into the Top Global E-Commerce Markets?

The global marketplace has become much more accessible now that companies can sell their products via their company website, Amazon, or other e-commerce marketplaces and platforms.

Attracting new international shoppers requires good online product content that is SEO optimized for each new international buyer group and described and translated in the way that these shoppers would typically search for it.

top e-commerce countries

Getting products delivered to your new global customers requires an international delivery strategy and the right e-commerce shipping software for the job. Cost control and delivery dependability can’t be ignored.

It’s important to implement a flexible multicarrier shipping system that is designed to easily onboard new carriers and services as you add customers in new countries. Having the ability to compare and choose between international, regional and local delivery options can mean a significant boost to your profit margins.

Which countries top the list in online shopping? According to Entrepreneur magazine, Hong Kong shoppers top the list, followed by Norway and Israel.¹ For a more detailed view, check out the infographic below from Statista:

online shopping worldwide

For more information about how to keep shoppers online and a helpful infographic, read How to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment.

If you’re interested in discussing your organization’s path to the world’s top online shopping markets and logistics software that can help you get there, please contact us today.

¹ Catherine Clifford, “Which Country Spends the Most Online (Infographic),”, Nov. 9, 2015.


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