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Campus Shipping

Campus Desktop Shipping Software for All Departments

Designed for the office environment, Logistyx Campus Shipping software is a convenient browser-based solution that employees can access from any company computer to ship packages.

Logistyx desktop shipping software

The software ensures that company shipping rules are followed and streamlines labor with tools to:

  • Choose the lowest cost carrier. Users can compare carrier services like UPS, FedEx, USPS and others, and select the best, most cost-effective shipping method for required delivery date, destination and package characteristics.
  • Process domestic and international packages, ensuring that accurate shipping rates and carrier labels are selected every time.
  • Eliminate steep address correction charges, which can add charges of more than $12.00+ per package, and $85.00+ on multi-package shipments. The system prescreens and verifies addresses for accuracy as they are entered.
  • Use built-in address books to ship in seconds. Corporate, personal and departmental address books speed up shipment creation.
  • Ensure accurate cost accounting. Cost center and accounting codes can be added to every shipment to capture shipping activity by cost center, carrier and service.

Easily track shipments with email notifications. Employees, customers and partners can track their own packages using reference numbers, receiver name, address or other shipment details.

Once package information is entered, employees can print their own carrier labels or route the package to the shipping or mail room for processing.

Our corporate campus solution delivers tangible savings for organizations of all sizes. For one example, download our Large Insurer Case Study.

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