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Logistyx Case Studies

Logistyx Technologies works with customers of every shape and size to reduce the cost of their parcel shipments while boosting efficiency and choice.  

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Feel free to download and read our case studies to learn more about some of the businesses we’ve transformed. Please click on the green links below to download PDF versions of our case studies.

Bausch + Lomb – Logistyx GSA solution has helped this leading global eye health organization automate shipping execution and carrier compliance for its large portfolio of carriers.

Brake Parts – This automotive parts manufacturer has achieved 100% order fulfillment accuracy using the Logistyx order packing and multicarrier shipping software solution.

Cummins – A global manufacturer of diesel engine uses Logistyx transportation management platform to automate shipment processing within its large and diverse portfolio of global carriers.

DB Schenker – This large, global logistics company relies on Logistyx GSA Transportation Management Solution to streamline operations, automate shipping procedures and offer its clients end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Grove Medical – A growing online distributor for the nursing home industry, this company accelerated shipment process to 12 times faster with Logistyx shipping workstations and wearable technology.

Large Insurer – This large company of more than 70,000 employees has deployed Logistyx desktop shipping to automate more than 1 million non-warehouse shipments across all departments and gain better control of shipping costs.

MBS Textbooks – The largest college textbook distributor in the U.S., this company tripled order throughput while reducing redundant manual tasks using Logistyx shipping software and print-and-apply technology.

Legendary Whitetails – Logistyx Technologies’ easy-to-learn order fulfillment and shipping software have enabled this online retailer to reduce its package shipping costs by as much as 10% and easily ramp up for peak holiday shipping.

National Fulfillment Company – A growing distribution company meets an increasing demand for specialized delivery services, more carrier choices and streamlined freight audit capabilities.

MCT Manufacturer – This global industrial products manufacturer relies on Logistyx transportation solution, integrated with Oracle OTM, for reverse routing, packing, manifesting and management in six distribution centers.

Tagg LogisticsWith sales increasing 53% year over year, this rapidly growing 3PL chose the Logistyx multicarrier shipping platform and Cadence WMS system to gain a scalable solution for its B-to-B and e-commerce customers.

Rockpoint Logistics – This logistics service provider deployed the Logistyx multi carrier, transportation management system to automate its entire shipping operation.

XeroxWith a growing demand to deliver directly to customers, this global document management company chose the Logistyx GSA shipping platform to manage shipment processing, tracking and email notification for all its carriers its a global network.

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