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Dimensioning Systems

Cubing,  Weighing and Dimensioning Systems

Constantly rising shipping costs are forcing many companies to rethink their operations to fit package dimensioning into their workflow.

logisyx dimensioning systems

But there’s an art to choosing the right equipment and placement to prevent disruptions in productivity.

We’re here to help you solve the problem. We know there is no “one size fits all” solution, so we offer a full line of cubing, weighing and dimensioning systems to suit diverse operational settings.

We can also help you integrate your dimensioning system to seamlessly exchange data with your host systems, as well as Logistyx order fulfillment and shipping software systems. Our newest weighing and dimensioning products include:

Size-IT Handheld Mobile Dimensioning System

For some companies, a pocket-sized dimensioning system is more efficient than a static cubing system. Size-IT, Logistyx handheld digital dimensioning tool, is a cost-effective solution. Size-IT automates the process and generates accurate results in three easy steps.

3D Imaging & Dimensioning Systems

Logistyx also sells the iDim, an affordable dimensioning systems that capture measurements on packages, flats and irregular objects, and converts irregular objects like cylinders, spheres, tubes, polybags and irregular objects to accurate cubed dimensions.

The iDim dimensioning system a flexible, mobile free-standing solution that is affordable, lightweight and easy to install. It can also be mounted on a mobile workstation for use throughout the warehouse, for receiving, inventory audits and shipment processing.

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