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Great transportation management systems are not built on software alone. They need to be paired with the right hardware to achieve maximum results.

Logistyx Hardware

We’re hardware experts. We’re here to help you select the right peripherals for your operations, including mobile computers, barcode scanners, wearable technology, printers, scales, dimensioning tools, mobile shipping carts, RFID and wireless solutions. Our specialists can help you evaluate and select the best equipment in:

Barcode Scanners

Over the years, we’ve helped customers implement barcoding solutions in thousands of different scenarios, to improve data collection and streamline labor.  We can help you select, purchase and configure the right barcode scanning solutions for your operations. Learn More

Mobile Computers

With decades of experience in helping companies take their warehouse operations mobile, we can help you select, purchase and configure the right mobile computers for your workforce. Learn More

Dimensioning Systems

Logistyx offers a full line of cubing, weighing and dimensioning systems to suit diverse operational settings. We can also help you integrate your dimensioning system to seamlessly exchange data with your host systems, as well as Logistyx order fulfillment and shipping software systems. Learn More


We’re print experts. We help our customers choose the right equipment for high performance and minimal downtime. We’re also experts at configuring, installing, integrating and troubleshooting printer problems. Logistyx sells and supports a comprehensive selection of Zebra printers, accessories and supplies for companies of all sizes. Learn More

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We bring more than 20 years of experience in helping companies choose hardware for their warehouse operations and we’ve integrated our software solutions with many of the industry’s leading brands.

We’re also a Premier Zebra Technologies Partner, which means we offer deep expertise, great pricing and authorized support services for Zebra products.