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Capture Accurate Dimensions on Irregularly Shaped Shipments

Avoid Carrier Backcharges with Accurate Dimensions on Irregularly Shaped Shipments

We’ve been talking non-stop with our customers this year about how to capture accurate dimensional weights and avoid carrier back charges on their freight bills.

While many high-volume shippers may already have a sophisticated dimensioning system in place, the fact is that many small to mid-sized shippers do not. Their fulfillment staff is now manually measuring and calculating dimensional weight of shipments and keying it into their shipping software system. Not surprisingly, this is resultingirregular shipping package in a significant increase in labor costs, a slow-down on the shipping line, and the potential of back charges due to inaccurate dim weight calculations.

Beyond box dimensions, many shippers also face another problem if they ship products in irregularly shaped packages, pouches or other custom wrapped packaging.  Many dimensioning solutions do not capture non-rectangular measurements. Finding a cost-effective solution that can capture both regular and irregular packaging can be challenging.

Following is a product update on one new dimensioning system that may solve this dilemma for many shippers.

Accurate Dimensions for Boxes, Polybags, Tubes, Spheres, Flats and More

idimension 200 400 px
The iDim 200

Fortunately, new flexible dimensioning systems are becoming available that are mobile, easy to set up and operate. One dimensioning system that has been capturing shippers’ attention is the iDimension product line by Rice Lake Weighing Systems.

Using innovative sensing technology and 3D imaging components, the iDimension 200 is a flexible, mobile free-standing solution that captures dimensions, weights, bar codes, OCR text and images of static items. It dimensions packages, flats and irregular objects, and converts cylinders, spheres, tubes, polybags and other irregular objects to accurate cubed dimensions.

This flexible solution can be set up for manual or automatic data capture. Manual operating mode uses a trigger, such as a bar code scan to initiate the dimensioning process, while automatic operating mode instantly scans when a parcel is placed in the zone of interest, improving process time and efficiency.

The iDimension solution is integrated to seamlessly transfer dimensional data to Logistyx Technologies’ Ship-IT multi-carrier shipping software,  ConnectShip shipping software and others. This further accelerates and improves the process to calculate accurate dimensional shipping charges.

Accurate Dimensions in 0.2 Seconds

The iDimension or iDim has no moving parts and requires virtually no alignment or special handling when placing an object under the work area. Parcels are dimensioned more accurately and faster than manual measurements and many other dimensioning systems. In an industry-leading 0.2 seconds, dimensions are calculated within 0.2 inches of accuracy. The iDimension system is easy to set up, can be operated in manual or automatic mode and can be integrated with most shipping scales.

One of the best features about the iDimension solution is its portability. It can be easily moved to wherever it is needed most in the warehouse, eliminating extra steps to pick products and move them to a fixed station. In fact, some shippers are moving their iDim systems over to the receiving side of the warehouse to capture accurate product measurements on inbound shipments.

Solutions like the iDim system, when combined with flexible shipping software,  mobile workstations and mobile computers, can drive tremendous productivity increases in the fulfillment process.

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