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Improve Warehouse Productivity with Mobile Powered Workstations

Accelerate Fulfillment and Save Time with Mobile Shipping Workstations

Our customers are always looking for ways to increase order and shipping fulfillment throughput in the warehouse. One easy way to quickly ramp up efficiency is to add mobile-powered workstations into your operations.

Below, we asked our mobility experts to share some insights about the significant ROI to be gained with a mobile powered workstation. Following is just one example of how quickly time and savings can add up:

Time = Money

It’s easy to underestimate how much time is spent walking back and forth to fixed printers, computers, scales and other equipment. But it’s a costly practice. By eliminating just 6 minutes of working per hour, you can save thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

mobile shipping workstation

Mobile powered workstations can eliminate many slowdowns in the shipping line such as:

  • Time lost as employees walk back and forth between loading docks, storage racks, assembly lines, inspection/testing areas, etc. and a desk-bound computer and printer.
  • Time lost as data written on paper and rekeyed into another system – a classic redundancy of effort.
  • Errors that occur when employees rely on their memory to key data from the work site to the computer station.
  • Redundant labor required to move large products over to the shipping line, only to be moved again once the shipment is processed.

These are just a few examples of workflow slowdowns that can be eliminated adding mobile powered workstations.

How Much Time and Money Can You Save?

One company gained a 40% productivity improvement after implementing mobile powered workstations.* Take a look at the following example of savings gained by eliminating the time/labor spent walking from a work site to a static computer/printer station:


  • Minutes/hr walking to static station = 6 minutes
  • Average labor rate (w/benefits)/hour = $22/hour
  • Work hours per week = 40 hours/week
  • Number of mobile stations you want to implement = 5 stations
  • Average cost per workstation ($1,300 – $2,900*) = $2200


  • Money saved by eliminating walking = $22,880/yr
  • Hours saved per year = 1,040 hours/yr
  • Pay back for initial workstation purchase = 5.77 months

With an ROI like this, you can see why so many shippers are adding mobile order packing and shipping workstations to their distribution centers.

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