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Measure-IT Software for Receiving Operations

To control costs in today’s dynamic fulfillment world, companies need a faster, easier way to capture and upload SKU-level product details into their supply chain planning and execution systems.

That’s why ADSI developed Measure-IT, an all-in-one solution that includes:

  • Data capture software
  • Scale
  • Barcode scanner
  • Dimensioning system
  • Digital camera – all configured to capture accurate digital product details in seconds.

Measure-IT accurately measures regular and irregular shaped packaging such as cartons, bags, tubes and other packaging. Here’s how Measure-IT works. Your staff:

  1. Scans the product ID and places the product on the Measure-IT platform.
  2. Measure-IT captures the item’s weight and dimensions, snaps a photo, and stores the data in a file.
  3. Product characteristics are shown on-screen for visual guidance of workflow.
  4. The product file can exported and uploaded to your WMS and other host systems for planning purposes.

It’s that easy. Watch the video below to see how fast and accurate the Measure-IT solution is.

Eliminate Manual Data Input and Improve Accuracy

No more keying in product details as inventory is received. With Measure-IT, users scan, verify and upload product information in a fraction of the time it takes to manually weigh, measure and key in the same details. Data entry errors are also eliminated. You gain more detailed, accurate product data while increasing productivity and freeing up staff to work on other tasks.

Flexible Configuration

You can configure Measure-IT for your specific operations, specifying units of measure, product description fields, serial numbers, secondary item identifiers, etc. A broad menu of user-definable fields is provided. Measure-IT also includes intuitive data mapping templates to simplify the importing and exporting of data files into spreadsheets, and/or your other databases or host systems.

Improve Planning and Decision Making From Receiving to Shipping

With Measure-IT to capture detailed product characteristics, you can more easily improve operations in multiple ways:

  • Build a more detailed product master file for inventory management.
  • Enhance your inventory planning system for more efficient putaway and space utilization.
  • Support your cartonization software for more efficient order packing.
  • Pass dimensions and weights of shippable items to your shipping software system for accurate shipment and rate calculations.

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