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Mobile Computing Tips to Streamline Supply Chain Workflow

Mobile Computing Tips To Streamline Supply Chain Workflow

Some companies put mobile computers into their employees’ hands in order to gain real-time order and shipment visibility. Others do so to reduce the physical labor related to the fulfillment process, or to improve order accuracy – or all of the above. The key is to find the right combination of software and mobile computing hardware to truly drive the best results for your operations. Over the years, ADSI has helped many customers get superior results by applying mobile computing in many areas of their operations. The following examples are the first in a series that will be presented in our blog over the next few months. We welcome your ideas and tips as well!


Warehouse-Motorola-VC-5090-small-199x300One of our customers, an industrial product manufacturer, saw a way to accelerate its picking process by enabling the staff to do more without having to leave their forklifts. They accomplished this by installing Motorola VC5090 vehicle-mounted mobile computers and Zebra QL420 mobile label printers that make it easy to pick orders, cross dock, manage inventory, and generate receiving labels from the driver’s seat.

Sometimes, the staff does need to leave the forklifts such as in instances where orders call for partial rather than full cases of product. However, the staff can pick the quantity, then quickly update the inventory on hand using Zebra QL420 mobile label printers located on their forklifts. Benefits? This not only eliminates the time employees spent walking to and from forklifts, but it has also increased accuracy to 99.8%. READ THE CASE STUDY here.


Cinram1-225x300 Another customer, an online retailer of toys, ingenious products for babies, toddlers & kids, noted how much time was spent transporting full case items like strollers and car seats to the packing/shipping line – only to be labeled for pick-up by the carrier. To streamline the process, the Director of Operations invested in the ADSI mobile workstation, combining ADSI’s Pack-IT and Ship-IT™ software solutions on a Newcastle Systems mobile cart.

Now the staff simply moves the mobile workstation to the full case pick area, processes the order and generates the shipping label. Instead of moving the product twice, they are moved once – at carrier pickup. Benefits? Elimination of order/shipping errors and a reduction in customer order transit time by 1.8 days. DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY here.


MC3090-Z_300DPI-199x300Yet another customer, a heating and cooling company, determined that it could save time and gain better inventory visibility by moving its picking process from a desktop environment onto mobile computers.

This move made it possible to automate the picking process to support field installations both in the warehouse and at the job sites. It also made it much easier to return unused product to inventory and update actual inventory levels.

Not only did this approach reduce picking time, but it gave the operations manager a much better picture of total inventory on-hand – in the warehouse and on the trucks. Immediate benefits? Instant reduction of 4 hours/day or 1,000 hours/year in data entry and 100% inventory visibility. DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY here.

These are just a few examples of the many ways our customers have leveraged mobile computing, using Motorola handheld computers and Zebra printers, to realize significant benefits in labor costs, improved accuracy and better supply chain visibility. We have many more examples in store for you, to be published throughout the year.


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