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Benefits of Leveraging Regional Carriers

Regional Carrier Benefits: Practical Advice for Today’s Shippers

If you’re interested in learning about how other shippers are taking advantage of regional carriers, our latest whitepaper is for you. We’ve invited two industry experts, Rick Jones of regional carrier Lone Star Overnight (LSO) and Tom Mara of East Coast-based carrier LaserShip to share their expert advice on how to go about weighing the pro’s and con’s of adding regional carriers to your portfolio.

According to Mara and Jones, customer service demands are a principal reason why a growing number of of B-to-B and B-to-C shippers are bringing regional carriers into their delivery network. The Internet has placed tremendous power into the hands of customers, who are seeking perks such as free shipping programs, same day delivery, easy product return programs and more.

Savvy companies are meeting these demands and gaining a huge advantage by adding regional carriers to their delivery network. The result? Flexible, reliable delivery options – often at a significantly lower cost.

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Choose a Shipping Software System with an Extensive Regional Carrier Library

If you’re using a  multi-carrier shipping software system, inquire about their carrier library to determine which regional carriers may already be available on the system. If the provider has built out an extensive list of options, adding new carriers to your shipping system should be very straightforward.

Thank You to Our Contributing Experts

ADSI would like to thank Rick Jones, President of LSO, and Tom Mara, Director of Sales for LaserShip, for their contributions to this paper. LSO and LaserShip are available in ADSI’s Carrier Library.