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Premium Packaging Can Boost Sales for Luxury Retailers

For Luxury Retailers, “Free Shipping” Isn’t the Only Factor in Attracting Online Shoppers

According to, Business of Fashion reported in October that by 2020, online is expected to drive 40 percent of sales growth for luxury brands.¹

For luxury retailers interested in getting into the e-commerce world, wooing customers requires careful attention to much more than attractive prices and free shipping programs.

First and foremost, they need to cater to their loyal customers’ shopping preferences. “It’s so ubiquitous now that the online experience reinforces the physical experience,” said Mulpuru-Kodali, an analyst at Forrester. “There are ways to have a very high-class experience online.”²

Premium packaging is also important luxury shoppers. As the chart below by Shorr Packaging illustrates, customers definitely pay attention to the way their product arrives.


premium packaging boosts online sales
Source: Shorr Packaging.

Other factors are also important, such as providing shoppers with visibility into their order process and delivery dates and flexible delivery option. The returns process must also be seamless.

Success takes careful planning, listening closely to customers’ preferences and the right combination of e-commerce and logistics technology to create the personal experience shoppers are seeking.

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