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Take Warehouse Productivity to the Next Level with Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing Deployment Options that Improve Warehouse Productivity

Many logistics and shipping operations still rely on desktop computers and stationary workstations to manage fulfillment. This means workers are often tethered to a workstation or need to go back and forth between warehouse aisles and a workstation to access orders, pick, pack, verify the order contents and then print and apply shipping labels.

However, the reliance on fixed workstations and desktop computers is diminishing as today’s companies embrace mobile technology as the best path to a highly efficient warehouse. Following are some mobility options that are popular among Logistyx customers:


Mobile-Powered Warehouse Workstations

Today, we’re seeing a steadily growing trend among our customers to convert permanent packing and shipping workstations into mobile warehouse workstations.

A mobile workstation is a wheeled platform with shelves, a keyboard tray, and brackets that allow workers to move a PC, monitor, printer, and integrated barcode scanner to any location in a warehouse.

These solutions include batteries or hot-swappable batteries to power all the workstation’s devices without requiring access to an electrical power outlet. The workstations can easily be moved to wherever they’re needed in the warehouse, eliminating back-and-forth trips to shipping areas or other workstations.

As many companies are learning, the time saved by eliminating employees’ unnecessary steps in the warehouse equates to thousands of dollars and faster fulfillment. For an example ROI calculation actual savings, read our blog, “Improve Warehouse Productivity with Mobile Powered Workstations.”


Multi-Function Mobile Computers

Another option is to replace and/or augment desktop PCs and workstations with Zebra enterprise mobile computers. Zebra’s enterprise mobile computers are rugged, yet far more compact and lightweight than a PC. They can run mobile versions of the same warehouse, order management, or shipping software, but they’re multi-purpose devices.



Zebra mobile computers are multi-functional, powerful and fast. They can scan barcodes, provide voice and text communications, and capture pictures and video to verify the condition of goods.

They even have their own power source and come in a variety of designs and form factors to match your environment and requirements, ranging from Zebra’s TC51/56 smartphone-style touch computer to the MC9200 rugged gun-style mobile computer and the revolutionary TC8000 touch mobile computer, which takes labor-saving design and ergonomics to a new level.


Wearable and Hands-Free Technology 

An enterprise mobile computer can also be paired with a wearable mobile printer to print shipping labels and receipts on the go, without needing a workstation. You can also pair it with other wearable devices, such as ring scanners and headsets, to enable hands-free and voice-directed scanning, picking, and packing.

In fact, Zebra offers total wearable solutions including the WT6000 wearable mobile computer and everything you need to create a completely hands-free computing and printing system.

Ultimately, whether you choose handheld or wearable mobile computing, you can now minimize your reliance on fixed workstations and computers, and give your staff unprecedented freedom and mobility to get more work done, wherever it needs to happen.

Rather than going back-and-forth to a workstation, your workers can access an order or pick list, pick, pack, apply labels and close out the order with ease. And it all happens anywhere on the warehouse floor.

The end results are measurable and can help you fulfill more orders and achieve better productivity and efficiency without adding staff. Best of all, you can achieve these results at an affordable cost. Thanks to our partnership with Zebra Technologies, we can provide the latest Zebra solutions at the best available prices.

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