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The Real Impact of Expanded Dimensional Rating Programs

A Look at the Impact of Dimensional Rating , Today and in the Future

When FedEx and UPS announced expanded dimensional rating Dim wtprograms for 2014, the press was rampant with predictions that companies were facing much, much higher shipping costs to deliver the same packages they always shipped. Now that the year is almost over, how has the reality of expanded dimensional rating programs played out?

Read “Countdown to D-Day,” by Mark Solomon in DC Velocity. Solomon shares some interesting statistics on shippers’ actual weight versus billed weight by FedEx and UPS, among other insights. Some takeaways:

  • The rumor of waivers for large shippers may be overblown.
  • Small to mid-sized shippers should act now to add dimensioning systems to their operations.
  • Another way to control shipping costs is to have a multi-carrier shipping software system that allows you to easily add regional carriers to your portfolio.

Bottom line: This year may be more telling in terms of the actual impact of expanded dimensional rating.

You can read the full article here.