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Three Technology Tools for a Smarter Warehouse

Mobile and Configurable Technology Solutions for Today’s Receiving, Packing & Shipping Needs

Delivering timely, cost-effective service and ensuring customer satisfaction are critical in today’s dynamic world of fulfillment. But, as many warehouse managers are discovering, it takes more than the traditional technology solutions to achieve the agility needed to meet today’s service demands.

Companies are finding new success by deploying mobile and wearable data collection solutions that move with their workers and capture and upload critical order details in real time to the host systems.

Here are three areas where you can leverage the latest technologies and solutions to get smarter and gain a competitive edge in your warehousing operations.

Mobile Receiving Workstations

Many of our customers are looking for a more efficient way to capture and upload product dimensions and other SKU-level product details in their receiving operations. Logistyx has developed an all-in-one, seconds-fast solution with Measure-IT.

Measure-IT combines our innovative and easy-to-use software with a scale, dimensioning system, and Zebra mobile computing and barcode scanning technologies. Measure-IT is a portable receiving workstation that can be moved to where needed to scan, measure and weigh received products, and upload the data in real time to the WMS and other host systems.

The Measure-IT system:

  • Scans the product ID and measures the product on the Measure-IT workstation
  • Captures the item’s weight and dimensions, snaps a photo, and stores the data in a file
  • Shows product characteristics on-screen for visual guidance of workflow
  • Allows exporting and uploading of a product file to your WMS and other host systems for planning purposes.

The combination of Measure-IT and Zebra barcode scanners makes it easy to accurately measure regular and irregular-shaped packaging such as cartons, bags, tubes and other containers.

Mobile Picking & Packing Technologies

Accurate order picking and packing processes are essential to ensure consumer safety and satisfaction, as well as optimize inventory management. The underlying technology also needs to be flexible and scalable, to address peak or seasonal volume spikes without increasing labor.

Many of our customers purchase our Pack-IT order fulfillment solution, integrated with our multi-carrier shipping software, to ensure fast, accurate and automated picking and packing. Pack-IT, combined with the latest hands-free barcode scanners, enable workers to:

  • Scan, verify, and close orders in one continuous action
  • Fulfill orders in seconds, slashing production time
  • Access order picking and packing details on an intuitive screen
  • Use visual, audio and pop-up messages to prevent errors
  • Get real-time visibility into inventory
  • Gain the ability to track orders and line items within orders
  • Generate a wide range of print-and-apply packing slips

Pack-IT is easy-to-learn, which makes it ideal when onboarding new employees, and its accuracy tools have helped many of our customers achieve near-100% order picking accuracy while dramatically increasing throughout.

Configurable Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Your shipping area and loading dock are the last touch points before goods are shipped to your customer. To ensure accurate, timely and cost-effective delivery, it’s critical to eliminate manual processes and ensure the right goods get on the right truck with the right carrier.

Logistyx multi-carrier shipping software helps companies of all sizes reduce parcel shipping costs and ensure fast, accurate and efficient shipment processing.  Combined with Zebra mobile computers, scanning and print technologies, Ship-IT helps you:

  • Reduce freight costs by automatically comparing all carrier options for small parcel, LTL and TL shipments.
  • Automate customer or vendor-specific routing guides.
  • Automatically route, rate and process shipments in seconds.
  • Produce shipping labels & documents for domestic and export shipments—including automatic AESDirect filing—in seconds.
  • Gain real-time delivery tracking on customer shipments.
  • Capture and upload shipping data for customer service and analysis.

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