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Three Ways Incorrect Print Supplies Cause Operational Inefficiency

How to Avoid Costly Operational Issues Caused by Choosing the Wrong Print Supplies

When you’re striving to maintain a high level of operational efficiency and profitability, printer downtime is the last thing you want to deal with.

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Improper selection of printing supplies is a common cause of operational delays and cost increases. Following are some common issues that result and how to prevent them.

How the Wrong Printing Supplies Create Disruptions & Increase Costs

Lesser-quality print supplies can slow down or halt business-critical processes and generate hidden costs in a number of ways, including the following:

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Barcode Scanning Failure

Seamless barcode scanning, without interruptions in workflow, begins with sourcing labels and supplies that ensure good print quality and barcode scan-ability. For thermal barcode labeling, it’s crucial to use the right labels with the right materials and ribbon so that barcodes and other information are printed correctly on each label and can withstand the scanning environment.

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Otherwise, the outcome may yield unscannable barcodes that cause interruptions and delays in scanning operations, wasting time and incurring costs to reprint and rescan labels.

Label Adhesive Failure

Labels that do not adhere properly, fall off items making it difficult to correctly identify and scan them. This is a common problem, particularly in environments where a specialized label is required to withstand extreme temperatures, abrasion, chemicals or indoor/outdoor exposure.

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It’s important to source high-quality labels that are spec’d to meet these demands. Labels of lower quality or incorrect adhesive may be the cause of interruptions in scanning, tracking and moving assets and shipments through the supply chain.

Premature Printhead Replacement

Are you certain you’re getting the most extensive life from your printheads? Premature printhead replacement is the single most expensive problem that can occur as a result of using incorrect or low-quality materials.

Printheads are consumables and inevitably need to be replaced from time to time. But this can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars across a printer pool, so it’s important to maximize printhead life and minimize replacement.

The key to minimizing replacement is to ensure that you’re sourcing the right label for the job.  If the label is not the right quality, or being used for the wrong application, print quality issues such as excessive print darkness may occur.

Another costly consequence is that your printer will burn through printheads much more quickly than need be. If you’re experiencing shorter printhead life cycles, this is a key area to check.

How to Prevent Inefficiency & Minimize Costs with Quality Supplies

The best way to ensure uninterrupted barcode scanning and minimize label reprinting and printhead replacements, is to choose the right high-quality supplies.

With decades of experience supporting print operations for our customers, we’ve seen the costs that are incurred by incorrect label selection along many points in the warehouse. We recommend pre-tested and high-quality printing supplies from our partners at Zebra Technologies.

Zebra has an impeccable track record of producing outstanding supplies based on ISO9001:2008 quality procedures. Zebra offers the industry’s best selection of quality supplies, including 500 stock options with over 1,000 possible combinations, plus an R&D team that designs custom supplies solutions for any application.

All Zebra supplies are rigorously pre-tested for print quality, adhesive strength and application requirements. They’re also available with guaranteed protection against premature printhead failure, if you use Zebra printers and agree to use Zebra supplies exclusively.

Logistyx print specialists are on hand to help you make the right choices. To learn more about Zebra supplies and get expert advice, contact Logistyx now for a free consultation.