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Top Factors in Comparing Rugged Printers

What Makes a Printer Truly Rugged?

Not all printers are built the same. Some are more robust and rugged than others and better suited for working in industrial environments and harsh conditions where reliable and uninterrupted printing are essential.

At Logistyx, we’re often asked to recommend printers that will withstand years of use in a distribution center. We asked our team of printer specialists to weigh in, and they came up with the following tips on evaluating industrial printers.

An Ability to Withstand Extreme Environments

You may need to print on the floor of a manufacturing plant, in a warehouse, or even out in the field—outside the four walls of a workplace.

In these environments, printers are often subjected to extreme heat or cold, dust and debris, and even being bumped, dropped or knocked over.

To minimize downtime, you need an industrial-strength or enterprise-grade printer that can withstand the use and abuse that go along with them.

An industrial grade printer is essential if you’re choosing a stationary printer for barcode labeling, RFID, and printing shipping labels, packing slips or other documents. It should:

  1. Be built with an all-metal frame and chassis.
  2. Include high-quality, durable internal components.
  3. Have internal temperature sensors and controls to ensure proper performance in extreme temperature environments.

Mobile Printing Durability

If you plan to use mobile printers for labels, receipts, tickets or invoices on the go, indoors or outdoors, choose a device with military-grade construction. Mobile printers in this class are lightweight and much smaller in size than an industrial printer, but they’ll be drop-resistant and highly durable, and proven by military-grade testing standards.

Support for High-Volume Printing

For high-volume of printing, such as labeling parts for use in car production or pharmaceuticals, you’ll need industrial printers.

In these applications, reliability and continuous operation are critical, because you can’t afford to stop production or shipments if a printer breaks down.

As with the all-metal frames and high-quality components that enable reliable printing in extreme environments, the same mechanisms ensure performance at higher volumes.

Easy Maintenance & Management

If you use numerous printers across many sites, being able to remotely manage them is critical to continuous uptime and keeping your costs down. One way to ensure this is to use printers with a cloud-based Operational Visibility Service (OVS) that provides detailed insight into the status, usage and health of every printing device on your network.

The best printers offer configurable dashboards that provide the insight to help you proactively manage and improve the performance, availability and life cycle of your printers.

They also provide automatic notifications of servicing needs or print errors, so you can quickly address issues and ensure your printers are as reliable as possible.

A Brand You Can Trust

Whether you need a robust industrial printer or a highly durable mobile solution, our logistics technology specialists recommend printers from Zebra Technologies.

Zebra is the global leader in manufacturing industrial and mobile printers for the most extreme environments and some of the world’s most demanding print applications.

Zebra fulfills all the key requirements of a truly rugged printer, which is why its solutions are used by over 90% of the Fortune 500.

Want to learn more and get a personalized recommendation for your business? Contact our print experts at Logistyx now.