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Using Mobile Computers and Printers to Improve Staff Productivity

Mobile technologies have transformed our society and made it much easier to connect, communicate, and share information, but they still haven’t made their way into many businesses.

It’s a missed opportunity for many companies because the same wireless and mobile technology that enables real-time, instantaneous access to the Internet, voice, and data communications can help many businesses make enormous gains in staff productivity.

Here are a few ways mobile technologies enable greater staff productivity:

1. Mobile Freedom

Mobile computers and printers help mobilize workers and connect them with the information and tools they need to perform crucial tasks. These include everything from entering and processing sales orders and picking and packing shipments, to printing barcode labels, performing field service, and confirming deliveries.

With mobile computers and printers, they can perform these tasks virtually anywhere inside or outside the four walls, without being tethered to a desk or a wired connection.

For example, instead of moving back-and-forth between warehouse aisles and a stationary workstation in order to access orders, pick lists, and label printing, workers can do it all using a Zebra TC56 touch mobile computer and ZQ600 mobile printer.

Instead of waiting to get back to the office to initiate an order or being unable to provide invoices and receipts upon a delivery, sales reps and delivery drivers can manage orders and shipments on the go, and they can print invoices and receipts on demand.

Mobile computers and printers are able to deliver all the software applications, computing power, and printing functionality they need, anywhere they need it, as long as they have access to Wi-Fi or cellular service.

2. More Productivity in Less Time

A major advantage of mobile computers is that they help automate processes and deliver real-time access to business-critical information. Mobile computers are multi-functional devices, allowing workers to make voice calls, hold video conferences, access business applications and databases, and even scan barcodes and capture photos and videos from a single device.

In addition, as mobile computing speed and power have increased, they’ve enabled faster, more seamless workflows, with the ability to run graphic-intensive and high-powered business software that was once the exclusive domain of desktop PCs.

Equipped with convenient mobile access to all-in-one computing, communications, and scanning functionality, as well as mobile printing, your workers can get more done in less time.

3. Increased Data and Process Accuracy

Mobile scanning and data capture means you can not only automate processes but also avoid errors that are commonplace with paper-based and manual processes. Data of all types can be captured, transmitted, and shared electronically, including barcodes, order, part, and purchase order numbers, shipping information, and more.

In fact, with mobile computers such as Zebra’s TC56, you can capture documents and form fields, such as text, check boxes, and signatures. You can even scan barcodes displayed on other devices screens, such as mobile computers or smartphones.

By capturing, converting, and transmitting all of this information electronically, you can eliminate error-prone manual data entry and paperwork, all while dramatically increasing the speed and efficiency of data capture and information sharing.

These three benefits alone have motivated many businesses to modernize their operations with mobile computing and printing technologies, but they’re only the beginning.

You can take productivity and efficiency even further with wearable devices, such as Zebra’s WT6000 wearable computer and RS6000 Bluetooth ring scanner, thereby creating completely hands-free and highly efficient processes.

To learn more about increasing productivity in your business, contact our team at Logistyx for expert advice and recommendations.