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Where Mobile Printers Make The Most Sense in the Warehouse

Where and When to Use Mobile vs. Industrial Printers

Worker mobility should be a key consideration when you’re designing and optimizing your warehouse, logistics, manufacturing and other operations. Mobile computers, wearable technology and cordless barcode scanners are extremely effective in freeing up workers to take their technology with them as they move to the next task.

mobile printers for the warehouse
Mobile printers eliminate extra steps back and forth to fixed printer stations and increase productivity.

Mobile printers can help you increase efficiency. However,  there are significant differences in the scenarios in which mobile and fixed industrial printers deliver the most benefits. Following are several key factors to consider when deciding:

Printing Volume & Environment

If you’re printing barcode labels in an environment where durability and throughput are critical, fixed industrial printers are often your best choice.

industrial printers in the warehouse
Look for industrial, rugged tabletop printers to deliver high-volume, high-quality results and reliability in harsh environments.

Industrial printers, such as the ZT400 printers from Zebra Technologies deliver fast print speeds and can operate continuously in extremely demanding environments—whether those demands are high volumes or extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.

Industrial-grade printers provide around-the-clock printing performance and outstanding print quality, along with the greatest flexibility in supporting specialized label materials and printing high-quality labels as small as 3mm.

RFID Printing Requirements

To print RFID labels or tags, an industrial or desktop printer is your only viable option. Mobile RFID printing technology may eventually become a reality, but thus far there has only been some limited experimentation with it.

Mobile Workforce Considerations

If your printing and labeling requirements are a bit less extreme or demanding or you have a mobile workforce, mobile printers may be your best option.

wearable printers
Users now have many choices in wearable print options and sizes.

Mobile printers allow workers to perform critical labeling tasks throughout a warehouse, plant or other facility, or even outside the four walls – on the spot, wherever they’re needed.

If you’re already using handheld, wearable or vehicle-mounted computers, mobile printers are the perfect complement.

Many companies find them ideal in certain areas of receiving, inventory, packing or shipping. Mobile printers are also effective for field sales or service staff who when printing receipts, small-scale invoices and proofs of delivery.

Mobile Printing Durability & Performance

Mobile printers offer portable, print-on-demand flexibility and convenience without having to sacrifice durability or performance.

mobile printers vary in size
Be sure to evaluate size requirements before you choose printers, both in mobile and desktop environments.

However, not all mobile printers are alike. It’s important not to assume that every manufacturer or model will offer the same level of extreme durability as industrial printers. If you need mobile printers that will withstand tough wear and tear, there are rugged, military-grade mobile printers available.

Lightweight and drop-resistant models, such as Zebra’s QLn Series and ZQ Series mobile printers, can withstand daily use and abuse in both indoor and outdoor environments. In addition, they provide fast, quality printing that ensures your barcodes and receipts are seamlessly readable and scannable.

If you only need receipt, invoice or ticket printing on the go, Zebra’s iMZ Series and ZQ110 mobile printers are the most compact and lightweight options. Each offers quick and reliable wireless printing in a small-profile device.

Making the Choice for Your Business

Are industrial printers or mobile printers the right choice for you? What’s the best option to maximize your operational efficiency and ROI?

Logistyx Technologies is an industrial print expert. For many years, our print specialists have helped companies evaluate their options for a wide range of warehouse and other business environments. We also integrate our order fulfillment, inventory and shipping software solutions with a wide range of printers, simplifying the implementation process for you.

We’re here to answer your questions as you review your printing needs. Contact us for a free consultation.